When I first got to Narconon, I was scared. I was tired of the way I was living. I went from being happy to miserable and unhappy and losing everything.

All because I chose the bottle over myself. I lost the desire to survive. I lost my self-respect. I didn’t care about life anymore and every day to me was the same “nothing to look forward to”.

I guess you can say I was content with causing a lot of damage to the people that love and care for me. I separated myself from everyone to everything. I was in this phase of ” I don’t give a damn.”

Then I began noticing who I was and who I was affecting. I kept telling myself I was done but never took that action. I had been thinking of it for quite some time but never went through with it till my brother told me if I really wanted help, he would be there for me with no pressure. I got the strength to go with it and two days later, I was at Narconon.

From withdraw to ethics and everything in between, the Narconon program has been one of the best things that came into my life. I have mad love for the people at Narconon.  You guys helped me find my desire to survive again and above all you guys made me believe in myself and helped me get back my self respect.

I encourage you never to give up, it’s never too late.  Yes it was rough at times, but with my strength and Narconon’s support I got through this.  If it wasn’t for you guys I wouldn’t be happy as I am now.  Thank you all and I love all of you.

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