graduate-template T-gradWhen I went to Narconon, I was a completely different person.  I had a bad relationship with my family, my friends and my daughter.  I also had a horrible outlook on life and wasn’t happy at all. My mental state was deteriorating. I didn’t believe in myself or in myself.

 The Narconon program changed all that. I’ve learned how to tell what people I should or shouldn’t be around.  I also learned how to analyze my life if it starts to decline and pick out what exactly is making my life decline so I can fix it. I can now push through anything I have issues with whether it be school, problems in life, or work, really anything.

 I have a good outlook on life and I believe in myself.  I finally like who I am. I believe Narconon helped me find the real me and I’m not ashamed to be myself. I’ve taken the first step which for me is always the hardest. I will have to trudge further, but I know I can do it.

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