The Roller Coaster Ride

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When a parent first perceives or someone suggests their son or daughter might be using drugs… the most probable initial reaction is “no way, not him or not her”.  They do this because the facts of substance abuse are hard to confront.  They will have to open their eyes and start looking for anything which might suggest a problem with drugs or alcohol. Then it slaps them in the face and they are forced to face it.  Embarrassment, ashamed, mortified, etc. are some of the feelings they will have and they might even ask themselves, how could this happen?

“What did I do wrong?”

Now that the truth has been discovered, they try and reason with the addict. A million and one questions are asked which is not what an addict wants to hear so they distance themselves from the family to avoid answering any questions which just makes the parent that much more anxious. The drug use gets worse, with the addict staying out late and coming in when everyone’s asleep to avoid any more confrontations. Next thing you know they drop out of school or lose their job and the real nightmare begins.

“If only he could only get their job back or get another job, I wouldn’t have to worry while I’m at work and then later in the day I’ll be home in the evening, so this should work.”

In reality the addict will be home all day long, not being monitored with the parent spending the entire day trying not to think about what he is doing or what they will find when they come home.

“I’ve called a million times – he said he would be there.  Where is he? What is he doing?”

More and more reasons to call to ease their mind that he is safe.   Finally, time to leave work.  Driving home wondering what awaits……

“Oh my God, what is that?”

Driving down the street they see an ambulance pulling into their driveway.  They go into panic mode with knots in their stomach.

The EMT says “He is unresponsive.”

Finally, the EMT finds a pulse. He is picked up and put on a stretcher and then into the back of the ambulance to the hospital. Hospital staff run tests and the attending physician decides the amount of heroin in him could have killed a small elephant and believes the overdose was a possible suicide attempt. The physician says he has to stay overnight with a one/one watch until he is seen by their mental health staff.

“Thank God he is safe.  Now I can finally get to sleep and I don’t have to worry.”

The hospital releases him the next day and for him to follow up with a mental health provider in the community.  The roller coaster ride starts all over again. Every time he leaves the house, you fear this is the last time you will see them alive. Every time they shut the door, you fear he is on the other side of the door getting high and you don’t know what is going to happen next. You can’t sleep at night because you are afraid and need to know they are safe. You are so caught up in this, it consumes your life. You don’t know which way to turn because up to this point nothing has worked. You ask professional people for advice. You start searching for a good drug and alcohol rehab.

This was the hell I put my parents through. My name is Nick and I had my parents to a complete breaking point.  I can honestly say if my parents didn’t do everything they needed to get me to Narconon, this blog would have never happened because I wouldn’t be alive to have written it.

If you have reached the end of your rope, please give us a call to see if we can help your son or daughter.


By Nick S.

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  1. Corey W says:

    Man wow mine has been meth but nailed it on the head

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