Scientific Approach to Treating Addiction

Dr. David Root M.D.

Ends Cravings and Eases Withdrawal from Heroin and Other Drugs.

Dr. David Root, M.D. discusses the sauna detoxification method used at New Life Retreat.  The program is designed to remove toxic drug residues from the body in order to relieve the discomfort felt by recovering addicts which many times leads to relapse. 

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New Life Detoxification Protocol

Heroin and other opiate users benefit most from our Detoxification Protocol

We live in a world that is filled with chemicals. Food preservatives, pesticides, toxic residues, medicines and pollution, to name a few, are ingested in the body, and in the most part, eliminated. Some of these, however, are stored in fatty tissue and remain in the body for many years. Nowhere is this more visible than when the person takes drugs.

Benefits of Our Sauna Detoxification Program:

  • Higher Success Than Traditional Approaches
  • Comfortable Easy Drug Free Withdrawal
  • Handles Cravings and Prevents Relapse
  • Higher Success For Opiate Addictions 

Physical Drug Cravings Can Be Caused By Metabolites Stored in the Fatty Tissues

Metabolites Store In Fat Cells

Metabolites Store In Fat Cells

While the body’s elimination systems will remove most of these drug metabolites, some is also stored in the fatty tissues. These metabolites, released when the body uses the energy stored in the fatty tissues, will cause the person to have cravings for the drug.

A person who has not used drugs for months or years may suddenly have an unexpected and unexplained strong craving for the drug; this often leads to relapse and further drug abuse. These physical cravings are a main cause of relapse and what keep a drug addict from staying clean no matter the effort they exert on doing so. These drug cravings become more than they think they can stand.

How the Sauna Detoxification Program Helps Clean the Drug Metabolites

 The Detoxification Program utilizes a combination of exercise, induced sweating in a low-heat sauna, and nutritional supplements to help reduce physical drug cravings by:

  • Restoring the physical health of the recovering drug addict

Often, the abuse of drugs such as heroin and other opiates has left the drug addict severely malnourished and physically depleted. In many cases this deteriorated physical condition contributes to the further abuse of drugs, as the drugs are the only thing that seemingly alleviates the unhealthy feeling they now have.

  • Eliminating the metabolites stored in the fatty tissues, thus reducing, and in many cases, eliminating physical drug cravings from the recovering addict.

By reducing the drug metabolites from the system, the recovering drug addict can be now actively work towards completing their recovery in the following steps of the program. The New Life Detoxification program is a vital step to their recovery, and most recovering drug addicts report:

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