Scientific Approach to Treating Addiction

Dr. David Root M.D.

The Sauna Detoxification Program.

Dr. David Root, M.D. discusses the sauna detoxification method used at New Life Retreat.  The program is designed to remove toxic drug residues from the body in order to relieve the discomfort felt by recovering addicts which many times leads to relapse. 

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New Life Detoxification Protocol

New Life Detoxification is based on L. Ron Hubbard’s breakthrough discovery that LSD residues appeared to remain trapped in the body, mainly in the fatty tissues, long after a person had stopped taking the drug. This explained why someone who had used LSD in the past could suddenly reactivate a “trip” even years later. Further research revealed that many other toxic substances could also remain in the body, producing negative effects for years to come.

The answer? The New Life Detoxification is a combination of exercise, sweating in a dry-heat sauna and a carefully monitored regimen of hydration and nutrition. The procedures break up and flush out the toxic residues that remain in the body—even after the person has stopped taking drugs.

Ask any Narconon graduate about the New Life Detox. They’ll tell you they sweated out the drugs locked up in their system and gained a new energy, a new vitality—a new life, free from drug cravings.

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