Narconon Graduates Give Back After Great Flood of 2016


One of the principles of the Narconon program is teaching those affected by drug addiction to take responsibility for every aspect of  life.  It is, for this reason, we could not be more proud of our graduates who have made it their responsibility to help the communities that were affected by the devastating flood in Louisiana.



“It feels great to be competent enough now to be able to do all these things for people in need and there is no way I would have been able to before Narconon. Before the Narconon program, I was too introverted into my own problems to have been able to help like I am now.”

–  Narconon Graduate  2013


“The Narconon program gave me my self-respect back and also gave me control of my life as opposed to being controlled by it. With the knowledge I have learned, I am able to help out in my community.  This helps others and in turn helps me and results in a happy future for all.”

– Narconon Graduate  2014


Thank you to all who are helping to rebuild their local community.  You can donate to the re-opening of Narconon Louisiana in any of the following ways.

Pay Pal:


or by calling Narconon Louisiana directly at: (225) 243 – 5047

We want to thank everyone who has donated their time, energy and money thus far.

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