The Solution For Heroin Addiction

Metabolites Store In Fat Cells

Metabolites Store In Fat Cells

The New Life Program has many benefits over traditional treatment programs when dealing with heroin addiction.  Our success rate, especially with treating heroin and other opiates is many times that of other programs.  Our all natural holistic detoxification protocol virtually ends cravings for the drug while at the same time providing relief from the symptoms of withdrawal from heroin.

This component of the program provides relief from the effects of heroin addiction.  It is only after the physical effects of Heroin have been addressed that true rehabilitation can occur.


  • Drug free approach to physical detoxification
  • Virtually ends cravings and prevents relapse
  • Medically safe and supervised program

Complete Drug Rehabilitation Program

In addiction to providing a highly successful method for physical detoxification which ends cravings and prevents the need for maintenance drugs such as suboxone and methadone, New Life Retreat provides one on one counseling designed to handle the underlying causes of addiction.

Our proven non 12 step approach is provided by certified drug addiction counselors in a safe comfortable environment.  Our program is designed to permanently handle your addiction.  You do not need to go to meetings and we do not use group therapy.

Many of our counselors specialize in treating heroin and opiate addiction, please call today for help with your addiction.  The is no obligation for your call, we are here to help.

Comprehensive Relapse Prevention

Studies have shown that drug metabolites can lodge in the fatty tissues of the body and remain there for months or years after a person has quit using drugs.  When a person is under stress these metabolites mobilize into the body and create cravings for the drug.  These drug residues or metabolites are the main source of cravings and handling them goes a long way to preventing relapse in the future.

Once these cravings are handled with the New Life Detoxification Program, further one on one life skills counseling uncovers the underlying issues which caused the person to use drugs in the first place. This unique combination of detoxification and one on one counseling  is the key to long term relapse prevention.

We have found that while some people may relapse, they are quickly able to recover and get back on track.

Narconon Louisiana New Life Retreat, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Rehabilitation Service in Denham Springs, LA