Family Counseling


One of the many ways Narconon’s approach differs from any other program is the emphasis placed on repairing the damage done by addiction.  Restoring healthy family relationships and ensuring the support and well being of all those involved is one of the top concerns.  Part of our success is we know that healthy, loving and supportive families are the key to long term success.

     Our integrated family support starts with your very first call.  As the program continues, the family continues to be involved in all phases of treatment.  While some areas of  person’s life are confidential, many programs use this as an excuse to ignore the valuable input families and loved ones have.  Our goal is designed so families know they are a part of the team.

This program gave me back the life I had with my family.

Family members as not considered enablers or part of the problem, but part of the solution.  The life skills our graduates learn on the program help them to reevaluate the actions which have created a distance with those they love.  This is one of the many strengths of our program; addiction is not solved simply by ceasing to use drugs.  Addiction is solved when a person who is no longer abusing drugs is restored to full awareness and responsibility across all areas of their life, especially in regards to family.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, we can help.  The majority of our graduates go on to live happy, healthy, drug free lives.

What do Families Say?

Kristina is doing really well and just passed 1 year drug free and I am just so thankful for Narconon New Life Retreat and everyone that works there. It is just so wonderful to have my daughter back to the beautiful person she was before the drugs.


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