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New Life Retreat Centers Pricing

Addiction is a devastating condition that often results in tragedy.  The single greatest barrier faced by families and addicts is the financial cost of treatment.  While free programs do exist they have very low success rates.  Expense however is not the determining factor for success.

Unfortunately there are many programs in the country who are not upfront with their costs.   The program sounds great but once the person arrives they find that the services they wanted cost extra.  This could be individual counseling, massage, or family therapy. While the cost of treatment at New Life Retreat does vary, usually due to the need for detox or special accommodations, you will always know the cost before arriving. 

Another issue is insurance billing.  Many programs will offer to take a person in for very little money promising that insurance will cover the rest.  When the insurance doesn’t pay the person either has to come up with more money or they are asked to leave.

No Surprise Policy

Our goal is to provide affordable drug rehabilitation for everyone, not just those with insurance.  If at all possible we try to collect enough funds up front to enable us to continue to provide treatment even if your insurance company does not cover your entire stay.  There are cases where you may be requested to pay additional amounts, but this will be disclosed in your financial agreement  at the time of admission.  If a service is medically necessary, such as additional doctor’s visits, Detox, and medications, but not included in your program price we will make every effort to assist you in finding affordable providers.

In order to make treatment more affordable we offer a flat rate which covers the entire program no matter how long that takes.  This cost varies depending on specific circumstances.

Choosing The Right Rehab

If cost is not the determining factor of successful treatment then what is?  The goal of the New Life Program is to enable the individual the ability to live life free from the effects of drug or alcohol.  Our program is based on a result and not a length of time and our policy is that “it takes as long as it takes”. This type of commitment to the person’s success is rarely matched in an industry where 28 days is the normal length of treatment. 

The 28 day length of treatment is the result of the fact that insurance companies rarely pay for longer stays.  The New Life program delivers long term treatment for a cost less than the typical 28 day program.  Our centers are non-profit which allows a single admission fee to cover the cost of treatment no matter how long it takes.

If the cost of admission is still your main concern please consider this:

  • Our cost is less than most 28 day programs
  • Your health insurance may cover all or part of the cost of the program
  • We try hard to offer financial arrangements which can fit into any budget

Before you decide that you can’t afford our program please speak to one of our admissions counselors to find out if there is an option for you.

Narconon Louisiana New Life Retreat, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Rehabilitation Service in Denham Springs, LA