A Better Way to Handle Life

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Sprinting through the dark, ominous woods, the footsteps resonating in the distance are creeping closer. Fingers brush my back. My momentum is coming to an end. Dread has washed over me. I opened my mouth to let out a bloodcurdling scream but nothing comes out.

My eyes fly open and I am panic stricken. I scan the room to regain some sort of awareness. Four walls surround me; one of which contains a door with metal bars preventing me from escaping and allowing me to realize I woke up from one nightmare and landed myself in another. The previous night’s events slam into my mind at full force.

Being arrested was the day I should have realized my life was going downhill and fast. Unfortunately, I was still plotting my way out of my parents finding out I was in trouble. I had a cruise coming up in a few days and was determined to be on that ship. At the time, I was only focused on myself. My mother had woke up to a phone call from me extremely intoxicated at 2am. Unknown to me at the time, my father had received a phone call informing him my car had been taken to the impound lot, following my arrest. My younger sister’s boyfriend at the time saw me on the hood of a cop car as I was being arrested. Despite these clues to the contrary, my thoughts were everyone else was wrong and I was fine. I didn’t once think about my parents or what I would have done to them if I would have killed myself.

Drunk driving has cost me more than I like to admit. The terrible thing is that was not the first time I drove while intoxicated. I can go on this rant about the dangers of drunk driving but I was fully aware of the dangers and still got into my car and drove. It was only a matter of time before I got caught. That cost me my license and resulted in my feeling as though I had no freedom. I paid more in fines than on anything. I was on probation for a year.

The fear that crossed my parent’s minds is something I cannot erase for them. All has been forgiven but the sickening feeling and disappointment is something that does not simply go away.

The only piece of advice I can give is simple. Don’t drive if you have had anything to drink.  Make that part of your life.  Had I seen other’s refuse to drive after drinking, or make sure each car had a DD (designated driver), that would have become my habit instead of getitng behind the wheel no matter my condition.  Whether you’ve used drugs or alcohol, jail is only a small scare compared to a car crash or death.  Fortunately I have never had to deal with the more serious consequences of taking another’s life from a DUI.

A better piece of advice is if you are dealing with drugs or alcohol or drive while intoxicated, do not hesitate to get into treatment. There is a better way to handle life than drinking it away.

cori-buckBy Cori Buck

Growing up in Nevada, she moved to Hawaii by herself at the age of 16. On a trip home to visit grandparents, she was offered a chance at residential treatment. Now over a year sober, Cori lives in Denham Springs and works at Narconon Louisiana helping other addicts who want a new life.

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