“….my advice to people would be not to take psychedelic drugs – they are very dangerous.  They are not good for your mind.”  Brian Wilson

This advice was spoken a few days ago by Brian Wilson, as a reply to the question, “Is there something you would like to tell other people who have some of the challenges you have had in life?”

A musician, singer, songwriter and record producer most know for co-founding the Beach Boys, he is also someone who suffered from hearing loss in one ear he attributes to a neighbor hitting him in the head with a lead pipe, an abusive father turned business manager who the group had to fire as well as auditory hallucinations following his first LSD trip.

Recently on October 11, 2016, he released, I am Brian Wilson; A Memoir.  The book covers the problems in his life; his troubled and difficult relationship with his father as well as the relationship he had with psychologist and psychotherapist, Dr. Eugene Landry.  Both relationships affected him adversely.

Dr. Landy had his license revoked by the state of California in 1989 due to ethical violations and patient misconduct and given a restraining order barring him from contacting Brian Wilson again.

It is these sorts of life difficulties or problems that a person runs into.  Seemingly unsolvable, these problems get bigger resulting in worry, indecision and perhaps even a feeling of being our of control in life.  Not everyone solves the problem with the use of drugs or alcohol.  But for those who do, those who find alcohol, or cocaine, or heroin solve the problem can be counted on to continue to solve the problem in that manner.  Before the physical addiction sets in, the very real emotional need for and mental addiction begins.

Don’t let those you love throw away their creative abilities, efforts and life goals.  Get them help when you see they need it.  Even though the problems seem insurmountable, an overdose death would not be the solution. If you need help with a loved one, please call (877) 905 – 5772

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