When finding treatment for a loved one, there are some things you may want to consider.  One important factor is the treatment center’s approach to addiction. Treatment centers generally follow one of three different modalities with the vast majority of rehabs adhering to the 12 step model. There are also religious based and non-traditional programs.

Narconon falls into the category of non-traditional because it does not take the approach that addiction is a disease but as a result of underlying issues. Getting to the bottom of why a person turns to drug use is at the core of the Narconon program along with the person gaining control of their life.

There are several differences between the Narconon program and a 12 step program.

  • First, the Narconon program has a physiological component used to detoxify any stored drug residues from the body so the person is in better physical condition.  Thinking more clearly, they can better address the mental and emotional aspects of their addiction.
  • Second, the Narconon program does not follow the disease model of addiction, so at no point does a person admit they are powerless against their drug of choice. In fact, the Narconon program proposes quite the opposite. Instead of admitting you are powerless, Narconon has an accountability step and the person is directed to being put in control of their life.
  • Lastly, while the Graduate Officer does follow up with each Narconon graduate for up to two years, there are no required meetings for a person who completes the Narconon program. Attending follow up meetings is according to the person’s choice.

Obviously, there are some who are sober from using the 12 step model at other drug rehab centers. However, for those who have not attained sobriety by attending a 12 step program, we recommend a non-traditional treatment program such as Narconon. This does not mean a person has to have completed a 12 step program prior to attending the Narconon program.

“The truth is a 12 step program got me clean. I had been off dope since December 11, 2013. But also the truth is that my life was miserable even after I was clean. I might have not been using heroin, but my life was a mess. Unlike what I learned in a 12 step program, I am no longer a victim. I am free to live this amazing life without feeling broken. I am repaired. Today, I am a good mother, a friend that can be there when needed, a daughter to be proud of and a person who can look in the mirror without hesitation and love them self!” – J.M.

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