“Drugs in the future”

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When groups of prominent scientist and professors gather around in their think tanks to focus their testosterone enanthate in australia collective brain power on the answer to one question: what will the drug world be like in 2027?

When we talk about what drugs in the future might be, there are three certainties that can’t be ignored.

#1- Until the planet explodes, melts, or drowns humans will want to get intoxicated.

#2- People who supply these intoxicants particularly band ones, will make a pocket full of cash.

#3- We will be blindsided by a new drug phenomenon, and everyone will pretend they didn’t see it coming.


Look back on the last decade of creative new drugs, synthetics, and stimulants, are future in this area will make the ecstasy explosion look like a mere splash in the water.

If we could look into a crystal ball it be interesting to predict what might become reality, will it be like the movie limitless?

We could see smart pills, lifestyle drugs, drugs to help people learn or think and better performance enhancing drugs. Maybe cures of certain cancers and diseases.

My crystal ball defiantly shows more types of designer drugs and certainly stronger pain pills, they’ve all ready been replacing one for another for years.

I see killer hangover pills, pills that make you forget, sleep, get more things done, but mostly new untested long term effects of designer drugs, and lots of different types.

With technology advancing so fast it will open the flood gates of hundreds of untried new substances and could revolutionize the way illegal drugs are bought and sold.

The online drug trade is changing how the world gets high, its blazing a trail into the next decade and beyond weather the worlds internet police like it or not.

It will get bigger, easier, and with a high quality of substance, it’s a perfect business model: anonymous, commission-based, peer-reviewed, postal drug dealing.

The dark market will also have cyber Mondays where sites have huge discounts, buy three get one free, spend more get more, customers will have a black Friday four times a month.


Yet the future just won’t be about all the new substances, some will have their day in the sun, come and go, and there will be some interesting side shows with other drugs, but there will always be the opioid and cocaine markets because of the natural purity of both drugs.


The old-school drugs from the fifties and sixties will still be there, don’t need a crystal ball for that one.

With a decade of new substances evolving is the next generation going to be lab rats?

What about all the new health issues, the new wave of substances will be more addictive because that’s what there made to do. More drug related crimes, mental illness, where does it stop? I’ll tell you right now it stops with you. one better seek help with treatment because the next decade of substances will tear your existence apart. Kiss your family and job good bye and maybe your life, these future substances will take hold of you in days not months.

Tell me what you think, I don’t think I’m very far off and I’m scared of my own prediction, ether way start educating our youth and seek treatment.

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