Narconon definitely changed my life in such a positive way. I mean all aspects of my life were addressed and handled. I was an emotional wreck – always unhappy, constantly drinking and just not giving a damn about anything but myself.

 I continuously lied and manipulated everyone to get what I wanted. Everything was about me and I didn’t care about hurting anyone while I was doing it. I had no respect for myself or anyone else in my life. I didn’t care how much I messed up, I always settled for less than I knew I was capable of, never trying to better my life. I just got by, staying drunk all the time and causing more problems for myself.

 Finally, I got to the point in my life  where I realized I wasn’t ever happy.  I also worried about other losers in my life while hurting those that were there for me , those who love and care for me.

 I was sick of feeling like a loser and unhappy all the time. My parents had been wanting me to get help for a long time, but I never wanted to actually change. I would just bullshit like I was doing well but in reality just being sneakier about it. Finally, I decided I really wanted to change and if I didn’t I was going to end up in jail or dead. So I went to Narconon Louisiana.  I arrived with the mindset that I was going to take the program seriously and change into the person I needed to be.

 The personal ethics part of the program was major for me. It gave me a chance to really focus on my individual problems and address them. Before I went to Narconon, I made a ton of unethical decisions and most of the time ignored how much damage they actually caused me.

 Now after completing the Narconon program I actually think before I act. I feel amazing because before now, I really never thought I would or could change. Narconon made it possible for me. I actually want to be sober and feel I actually have a purpose in life. Now I am actually happy, I enjoy living. Narconon proved to me life is possible and happiness is achievable without drugs or alcohol. I’ve never felt this good, physically, mentally and emotionally.  I am a completely different person.

 I’m excited to go out in the world and actually live my life, using all the valuable things I learned from the Narconon.  program.  – Anonymous 

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