Urine adulteration is a common method practice by those who want their drug testing results to come out negative even if they have the presence of illegal drugs in their system.

Here are common and popular means of altering a urine analysis of which a parent, loved one or employer should be aware.

*  Tampering: altering a drug test is as simple as adding a sprinkle of salt or a splash of bleach, vinegar, lemon juice, or many household products.  An untrained eye or confusing directions along with the lying of the patient may cause a false negative. There are tests made that will report an invalid reading in the event anything is added to the urine.

*  Swapping urine samples: whether using a friend’s clean urine, synthetic pee, or even freeze-dried urine purchased online, trying to substitute clean urine for one’s own urine is one of the oldest tricks of the trade and common among those using drugs.  Find a drug screen that measures body temperature from the urine which will reveal the use of other stored urine.  Also posting watchers or observers in the collection room is a must and can help prevent this method and discourage people from substituting or tampering of the urine sample.

*  Diluting: look at the color of the urine; it should be a light gold yellow solution.  If the urine is clear, they might have done what’s called water loading or pounding excessive amounts of H20 prior to test in hopes of lowering the concentration of drugs in their system so it passes the cut-off levels on the drug test kit.

*  Detoxifying kits or herbal concoctions: There are things on the market such as drinks which claim to clean out the body in an effort to help a person pass a drug screen when they are in fact positive.  The important thing and vital information about when to test is to never give a warning when you are going to give the person a drug test.  If you did so you give them time to drink or eat commercially available detoxifying kits or herbal concoctions.  The way to administer the test is to tell them you are going to give them a test and from the point you tell them, stay with them until the test is complete.  Do not let them “run to the store” or “go get something from their car or room” as this gives them a greater ability to try to “beat the test” using one or all of the aforementioned ways.

For drug users, these are the easiest ways to cheat a drug test but luckily you can find a way around the tricks.  Get educated by reading directions and carefully shop for the test kits that specifically apply (meth for meth addicts) or which have multiple test strips in them. I suggest you team up with other concerned families or business to business to buy the test kits in bulk and save money.

Test kits aside, look hard at the individual’s eyes. The human body cannot hide the fact that some substance has altered its functions, so look to see if their eyes are dilated, watery or restricted.

More and more drug users and abusers slip away unnoticed even if they are put through stringent drug testing. With tons of information over the internet on different ways to cheat drug tests, stringent testing for illegal substances has become a more difficult challenge. The fact that an individual can prolong detection and possibly slide under the radar puts them at extremely high risk of increasing drug use, possible loss of employment, family and legal issues, and maybe even the loss of their life.

The signs of addiction are there.  You must learn to recognize them and help your family member or employee by seeking professional help and treatment.

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