I thought I was completely ready to face the world and take on responsibility living on my own and moving to a different city. After I graduated high school, I planned on going to college to start working on a future for myself and my career.

The last thing I expected was that I was going start doing drugs. I figured I was at the same point most college kids were, experimenting and living the party scene. Until I couldn’t start my day without it. And it became more important than the goals I had set to achieve for myself.

I started lying to my close friends and family and created bad relationships with the ones who cared.   I took advantage of my parents.  I was in denial and never admitted to myself I was an addict until halfway through the program.

The Narconon program changed my life in many ways. The staff taught me how to find myself and be happy with who I am and not to use drugs or alcohol as a crutch for my emotions. I have the best relationship with my friends and family that I never had before I started using. My negativity and anger became patience and understanding. I am more independent then I expected to ever be at the age of 20. I now look around and appreciate what I have knowing I have worked toward this point after a tough experience.

I have surrounded myself with people who only want to better themselves as do I. As much as I wanted to give up and not finish the Narconon program, I am so proud and happy that I did. I am now over 1 year sober. And I couldn’t be happier with how I have progressed since the day I decided I wasn’t going to quit, realizing I needed to become a better person; the person I am glad to be now. Thank you Narconon!


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