Born and raised in LA Jesse grew up around Gangs and Started Smoking Pot at Age 12.  Jesse overcame Drug Addiction only to turn to Alcohol.

P1020726That’s when Jesse came to New LIfe Retreat where he credits the Narconon Program for saving his life.

When Jesse first arrived to the New Life Program he hadn’t been able to sleep for 2 years.  The drug-free withdrawal staff helped him to sleep.

This is just one of the strengths of the Narconon Program at New Life Retreat.  The all natural approach to withdrawal eases the pain without the use of drugs.

It handled more than drug and alcohol addiction, it handled every aspect of my life

New Life Retreat does more than simply treat drug and alcohol abuse it handles all aspects of life.    The initial steps of the program are designed to address the physical dependence on drugs or alcohol.  After the body is no longer under it’s effects true rehabilitation can occur.

The next step of the program focuses on getting in communication with the people around you.  Drugs and alcohol cause a person to introvert and lose the ability to function in the world around them.  New Life retreat handles this with a unique form of cognitive therapy designed to make people comfortable in their surroundings and to understand the people around them.  This is one component that is key to helping heal families and relationships.

The remainder of the program focuses on the types of choices we make and our own personal integrity.  Special emphasis is placed on identifying who is and isn’t a “friend”.  Since relationships play a large part in the addictive process.  Deciding for oneself who to associate with is an important step in the recovery process.

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Narconon Louisiana New Life Retreat, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Rehabilitation Service in Denham Springs, LA