Policeman and Painkillers

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A young boy looks at a police officer and has great dreams of being, “just like him when I grow up”.  That is a very good dream to have.  Police Officers work hard each day to keep our communities safe from reckless people and people with intentions to commit crimes.  This young child grows up and then goes to the academy.  He gets to put on a uniform and is out on the streets.  What will he run into?  There will be crimes that he has not seen before.  He also has to answer to his boss as well as the public.  Policeman work very hard each day and they have low pay – but the want to help, even though they may have to sacrifice.  However for some, something changes.

In 2011, arrests of 20 people were made in connection to a drug trafficking ring that smuggled tens of thousands of prescription painkillers through Florida and Westchester County airports.  It seems there was a drug trafficker who made more than 65 trips via car or airplane from Florida to Connecticut in less than a year and he was carrying up 8,000 pills of painkillers each trip.  When he was caught, he became a cooperating witness.  That is how the police officers and TSA agents were identified and arrested.  They had taken gift cards or cash bribes for helping the trafficker travel through airport security.

Of course that example does not represent all police officers but only a fraction.  Many officers deal with crimes that are mostly drug related.  It has to be very frustrating for them because addicts can be destructive and most times don’t care what they are doing to their families and society.  They only have their next fix on their mind.  However, today with the US experiencing a national opiate epidemic, we need our police more than ever.

A day in the life of a police office may go something like this.  One call is family disturbance because the wife does not want her drunken husband to beat her anymore.  Call number two can come from the local pharmacy because someone broke in last night and stole several boxes of painkillers and other prescription drugs.  Call number three is to an apartment complex where someone suspects that their neighbor is cooking up some meth and can they please investigate.  Add in a few speeding tickets and DUIs.  That is how their day goes.  Dealing with people all day with over 30% or more of the arrests made being drug related.  In 2013 there were 9,014,635 arrests according to FBI:UCR out of these 2,748,323 were drug or alcohol charges.

Don’t leave it up to the police officers to deal with the drug dealers or people driving under the influence.  Do your part – prevent someone from getting behind the wheel if they are under the influence.  Help a loved one who is a substance abuse, so they get the help they need.

If you or someone you love needs treatment, contact Narconon Louisiana.  They will help you withdraw and detox from drugs and /or alcohol in a safe and natural way.

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