The Spiral of Failure

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Every addict had a time when they decided, for whatever reason to take that first hit, shot, or snort. Maybe for fun or to cope with stress or for any number of other reasons. A common misconception is with that first hit someone would be established as an addict.  However, this is not the case.

While some may go quickly to abuse shortly after their first use of illicit drugs there are those who only wind up addicted after a long process.  That first hit may be followed by a long road of failures resulting in escalating stress and further use.

We would all agree, for an addict or not, everyone has stressful moments and each person learns how to get through those stressful events in different ways. Unfortunately for those struggling with substance abuse, the way to cope with stress is to continue to abuse.

This can turn a downtrend (loss of a job, a divorce, a loved one dying, etc) into a downward spiral (alcoholism, heroine abuse, chronic use of sleep aids) of abuse.  The original failure and resulting stress in turn causes more use.

First you start off with recreational use to have fun and hang out with friends. You spend less and less time moving your life forward and more and more time getting intoxicated. As this progresses, more stress is created as life becomes harder and an addict turns to using even more frequently.

This is why an addict can get clean time under their belt, have a bad day and then relapse. The underlying issues beneath the original failure were never resolved. The addicts never learned the skills to conquer what they run into whether it be an inability to communicate or a lack of confidence.  The reason would be as different as people are different, which is why a cookie cutter, rote program is not the best program for most addicts. This is what the Narconon program focuses on resolving – those underlying issues.  It helps the individual to  identify their areas of stress as well as their own difficulties, short-comings and/ or personal issues so these can be addressed and no longer give the addict problems.  If you are interested in finding out how the Narconon program can help you or a loved one, call today to learn more.

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