Tips for a Safe Halloween

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1. Choose safe celebrations: ones where you know there will not be access to drugs or alcohol. If you know your good buddy is throwing a drinking party, avoid it.


2. Remember your triggers.  Everyone has triggers and you know yours.  Stay away from the people, places and situations you know trigger addictive behavior, thoughts or emotions.


3. Have fun and keep everything light and positive. In keeping with this, make sure to avoid those people, friends and relatives who tend to be negative and try to manipulate you.popcorn-ballspng


4. Go out with a sober buddy, if possible. Having someone with you who you know will not succumb to temptations will give you added backbone in the event you need it.


5. Be prepared to say no, even though there is no need to ‘prove’ your sobriety to anyone.  You are sober for you, not for anyone else.


6. Have an exit plan in place in the event the gathering you are attending takes a turn in a non-survival direction.


Happy Halloween from all of us minions at Narconon Louisiana!



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