To whom this may help.

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My name is Kyle. I had a bad point in my life where I lost respect for myself. I felt like I wasn’t worth others time or effort to help or change. I lost my will to apply ethics to myself and to help others. 

I turned my back on God and blamed others for my mistakes and did nothing to better my survival. At first I turned inward telling myself that I wasn’t worth effort to fix and drugs would help me cope with my problems. This worked at first.  I started hanging out with a bad crowd that felt the same way.  During that time, I sold most of my property, stopped caring about my obligations, and then when I ran out of stuff to sell or pawn, I turned on my loved ones. It started with little things like lying and asking for money. 

But eventually I started taking things of value and selling it to continue my lifestyle. It got so bad I disconnected from my loved ones to protect them from my behavior. 

I was soon all alone with only an occasional phone call whenever I was well, or broke enough. I ran from city to city, state to state and my problems had followed me no matter where I traveled. 

My lifestyle was no longer fun. I promised to quit every day but I became sick when not under the influence. I finally hit my bottom when I had nothing, or no one left to loose. 

I was relieved when my family offered me a chance to stay at Narconon in Louisiana I looked at that opportunity as a chance to rest my head and give me some time for clarity. When I arrived I was skeptical and tried to poke holes in the program but I started applying myself and did what I was supposed to do. 

I’m amazed at how much better I feel.  My thoughts are so much clearer and honest. The man I am today is honest, caring loving, ethically correct. I am now ready to be a productive member of society and I will not support any group who would try to hurt our efforts in making this world a better place. 

Please learn from my story and share it with others in need. No one has to go through what I put myself through. There is help out there with people that are more than willing to help. All you have to do is take the first step and ask for help.


      Kyle Bassette

2 Responses to “To whom this may help.”

  1. Nancy says:

    Kyle, I am so happy to hear you are doing better. I did not know all this but I have heard how bad it gets with drugs. I will pray for you. I love you, always have

  2. Grandpa Jack & Grandma Dee says:

    Were so proud of you–we love you, keep up the good work.

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