Turning My Life Around

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There are many reasons or situations in someone’s life that lead them into addiction. I was a person who came from a great home and had a good upbringing. Drugs don’t discriminate whether you have money or not, whether your parents care about you or whether you have none. It doesn’t matter if you are black, white, brown, yellow or purple. 

Of those who are addicted, the options are obviously to seek help or continue using drugs or alcohol. Some people think that just going to rehab is going to fix your problem and everything will then be good. Speaking from experience, there is work involved with attaining and maintaining sobriety.

Most addicts I believe are very afraid of going into rehab. I also believe it is for the reason of being afraid of change. I went to my first rehab in 2009.  I was ready and willing because I knew I needed to change. But not everyone gets things right the first time. I had to go into treatment for a third time in 2015 for heroin and while I was not afraid of change and I enjoyed  the idea of sobriety, I didn’t want to do the work involved with maintaining it.

First you need to be willing to change your old behavioral pattern and old ways of thinking.  Second you have to stay committed to those changes and actually DO the work required to put the changes in place.  And continue to work to keep the changes in place.

I now have over a year clean.  Part of the reason is me and part is due to the staff at the facility.  I decided to stay and work at the center because of the staff who not only helped me attain sobriety but who also showed me how to regain control over my life again.

Thank you to my family, friends, God and most of all my mom and dad for never giving up on me and always pushing me to become a great person and who I really am as an individual.

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