Drug abuse reaches far into many aspects of not only the life of the addict but the person’s surrounding the addict.  Many of these issues we may not be aware of in day to day life.  

 A substance abuser starts using when there is a life problem he or she cannot solve, whether the problem is a lack of self confidence or trouble communicating with someone or even when they are bored and want something exciting to do.  Statistics show many young people use drugs at school because they are prescribed to those in their age group even if not prescribed to them.  It does not matter why they starts it only matters that they starts. 

 They find out that using drugs feels good and they share that experience with their friends.  The next thing you know, there’s an honor student making money from some of his peers and is now a drug dealer.  When they find they like the feeling the pill gives, they want more.  This student will probably start to look in his mom’s cabinet (since those drugs are free) and will likely find an assortment of colored pills.  There’s a pill to go to sleep and one to wake up and so on.  So he or she steals from their mom. 

 Later in the year, that student is far from the previously good student, showing behavior like driving under the influence or even stealing from the neighbor.  As the addiction and behavior progresses, they get ill and may needs medical attention their family cannot afford.  The medical system of the community will probably have to bear the costs of these illnesses.  Stealing from neighbors  will bring law enforcement into the situation and that will cost the city man hours and upkeep of vehicles and so on. These are costs to local communities that are rising.  

   Let’s take into account there are hundreds if not thousands of students and adults doing this same thing in your community.  Now the cost to your city really adds up.  The governmental administration is all too eager to pay for those who cannot pay.  Whether it is in the medical field or the law enforcement field, our tax dollars go to do whatever it takes to keep our cities safe from drug abusers.  It does not even matter if these abusers are white collar workers, students or middle class, these problems all add up to the same thing; added burden on families and local communities which in turn puts a burden on states and the nation as a whole.

   It is time for all of us to wake up and help those abusers in two ways.  First, with the correct information about drug use.   It is up to us to get the right information and education to people before they begin using. Second, by getting those already struggling with substance abuse into a good treatment center.  And in all cases to give the right education on how to solve life’s problems without drugs or alcohol being that solution.

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