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There are many drug rehab programs available in Texas. Why choose New Life Retreat?

Drug Addiction is a highly environmental problem.  Our environment often makes recovery impossible in the familiar places of home.  For a drug addict each familiar place is often associated with drug use, and friends and family often remind the addict of their failings.  Leaving the area of drug use is often the first step to a successful recovery.

Family members often want to remain close to their loved ones during treatment.  Family involvement is often a critical part of recovery, however too much contact can slow recovery.  New Life Retreat provides a program for friends and family which can be scheduled towards the end of the program.  During the first month of treatment visitation is not suggested.  This allows the client to focus on his or her treatment. Our locations are convenient to Texas without distracting the client from his progress.

For example, our sauna detox and cleansing program is unsurpassed in effectiveness in the treatment and rehabilitation field for restoring health to individuals, removing stored drug residues and reducing physical cravings for drugs. This technology has been used around the world for many years with rave results.  Our program is considered non-traditional in that it is not based on the 12-step philosophy that addiction is a non-curable disease.


Please call for information on any of our locations, our experienced counselors are here to help you find the best possible treatment for you or your loved one.  Calls are private and toll free with absolutely no obligation.


Our beautiful main facility in Louisiana offers a serene comfortable setting for the recovery process to take place.  Located near Baton Rouge the retreat atmosphere allows participants to relax and focus on their recovery.  The centers small size and high staff to client ratio allows the best possible recovery experience.

While the Narconon program is delivered in many locations, New Life Retreat offers one of the best experiences possible for any drug rehabilitation program.  Call one of our experienced counselors for more information about this facility or any of our other facilities.

New Life Retreat

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Narconon Louisiana New Life Retreat, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Rehabilitation Service in Denham Springs, LA