The Drug Professional

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I was a professional fisherman for 28 years in Alaska.  During that time, I became a professional in other areas.

I became as professional a cocaine addict as Michael Jordan is a basketball player.  I was a professional womanizer, making more moves cheating on women than Bruce Lee in all his movies.  And above all I became a professional jerk, ruining relationships and hurting friends.  An award winning champion, gold metal freaking professional.

As a fisherman, I had seasonal work.  That gave me money and time.  Money and time I used to lie, cheat and harm myself and my fellow mankind as much as possible.  I tried and abused all drugs and substances.  It would have been easier for me to list the drugs I did not do than the ones I did.

During my 38 year marathon of drug use, I went through three outpatient programs and 6 in patient programs that did not work.  It was during the last program I was in, a 30 day program that my best friend died of cancer.  My mother.

I was out in time for her funeral.  After she was buried, I left the cemetery.  I got in my truck, took my tie off, threw it onto the floor board of the truck and drove straight to the bar.  I was ashamed.  Her hope to see me sober was the one thing that should have made me strong.  Instead I became weak and succumbed to my desire to be numb.

I wanted to hide my pain and self-destruct.

The lost jobs, unhealthy habits, poor decisions and relentless disappointment of the people closest to me made me feel broken and weak.  I saw no hope or no future.

Thankfully, I found the Narconon program.  Narconon was a long term residential treatment center and the program saved my life.  Narconon’s unique protocol of a sauna detoxification followed by life skills training allows a person to become healthy and mentally in order to retain what you learn so you are able to handle life and control decisions.

I feel as if I have been reborn. To be honest again is amazing.  Because when it comes down to it, once you are honest with yourself, being honest with others is easy.

It’s never too late.  I am 55 years old and had spent the last 38 years, the largest part of my life, destroying my life in all areas.  But I did the Narconon New Life Program and I have a new life.

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  1. Bobbie Davies says:

    Im so proud of how far you’ve come and you look so happy! Love you sis!

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