Recovering Responsibilities LA

Published on January 26, 2014 by in Louisiana



Learning to be responsible for yourself and others is an important step for any one recovering from drug and alcohol abuse.  Many addicts lose the ability to care for themselves or others.  They become different people, completely focused on themselves but unable to be responsible.  In order to regain control over their lives addicts may become dishonest and begin to hurt the ones they love the most.

Restoring relationships through learning responsibility for oneself and others is a major component of the program.  The addicts integrity has been destroyed though the harmful, dishonest things that they have done to themselves and those around them.  When the addict recovers the ability to make his own decisions free from the effects of drug or alcohol he is less likely to be persuaded by the negative influences around him and will begin to accept responsibility for himself and others.

This is one way New Life Retreat not only rehabilitates the addict but his friends and family members as well.

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