I always told her since she was a small child “If you ever need me to come get your from anywhere – day or night you call me and I will be there!”  Then one Saturday night about 11:30pm my phone rang. I started to tremble at the thought of answering it,  like so many times before. I knew the call was not going to be good.

 She was calling to ask me to pick her up in one of the worst parts of New Orleans. My husband would not let me go alone because he knew how dangerous that area was. When we finally got her home, I stood outside her bedroom door and watched her almost fall down from a complete standing upright position.  I knew if I didn’t get her help soon, I would lose her.

 I woke up super early the next morning grabbing my Ipad (which I was horrible at working). I typed in “treatment center for heroin addiction”. 

 Now, I thank God everyday Narconon was the first name to pop up!  Using no drugs to get off drugs was huge  bonus in my eyes.  We had tried that route before with no success.

 I didn’t even hesitate and called the 800 number. I’ll never forget that conversation.  We talked for almost an hour, I know the Intake Coordinator could hear the desperation in my voice. 

 They wanted to talk to Caroline.  For the first few days she refused and wouldn’t hear of it. She had been to so many rehabs before, and either would lose the fight or wasn’t fighting the way she should. 

 Th ey never gave up and called her a day or so later and finally agreed to go.  Her dad and I made the four-hour round trip that night to bring her. They had a group waiting up for her. 

 It was hard not being able to see her or talk to her for the first period of time, but I was able to get some much-needed rest knowing she was someplace safe! I felt relief not getting phone calls where I would automatically start to tremble.

 When Caroline completed her treatment, she was so beautiful, healthy and had such a glow about her!  Now, Caroline has been off drugs for over a year now!!!!

 I have referred several people to Narconon because I know it works.  With the horrible drug epidemic in society, no family is safe from the destruction these drugs cause.

 Thank you everyone for believing in my daughter and bringing her back into our lives.

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