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New Life Retreat Drug Rehab - A Premiere Drug Rehab Center For Texas

New Life Retreat is designed to handle the underlying causes of addiction

Welcome to New Life Retreat where recovery from drugs and alcohol is our first and only priority. We feel that our unique residential setting away from the stresses of everyday life allow you the best possible chance for overall success and lifelong recovery.

The inclusion of the Narconon program in our process allows us to utilize over 44 years of experience in the field of drug addiction.

  • Counseling provides the tools to stop using and prevent relapse
  • World class rehab rehab close to home
  • Flexible payment arrangements with costs lower than most 30 day programs
  • Our approach is often successful where other types of treatment have failed
  • Long Term and Individualized Programs are available at many of our centers


Why Does Our Program Work?

1. It Addresses the real cause of relapse – Cravings.

While other programs rely on prayer and meditation to prevent relapse, the New Life Program uses a proven scientific method for detoxification essentially eliminating the desire for continued drug use. This has been proven successful with thousands of clients. After the chemical residuals of drug use are removed cravings disappear and the student can continue in the program.

2. It handles the underlying issues of addiction not just the symptoms.

The symptoms of drug addiction are obvious. Our program is designed to dig deeper and find the reasons the addiction began. Our skilled and experienced counselors will guide you through a process which identifies and eliminates the root causes of your addiction.

3. It teaches life skills.

Addiction prevents a person from learning how to deal with life without drugs. Our program teaches life skills which allow a person to regain the ability to function in life. Recovery from addiction is not just about not using drugs, its about becoming a productive member of society.

4. Relapse Prevention

Even with the body completely cleansed of drug residues, old behaviors can return without tools to prevent them. Learning the who, what and when of what is likely to cause these relapses is a critical part of the program.

5. Aftercare Program

A comprehensive aftercare plan is developed before graduation from our program. The student does not graduate until they have established a workable plan for when they return home. This is strengthened by follow ups from New Life counselors to ensure the person is doing well.